General Manager, Jaguar Land Rover Laos - RMA Lao Group

Vientiane, Laos
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His background

  • Today
    November 2011

    General Manager

    Jaguar Land Rover Laos - RMA Lao Group

    Management of the Jaguar & Land Rover dealership in Laos (105 new vehicles in 2013 - 130 forecasted in 2014)

    Reporting to the Country Manager of the RMA Lao Group
    Number of subordinates: 30 people
    Sales & Marketing & Admin & Service

    Duties :

    > Jaguar dealership application in 2013 (sales starting in October 2013)
    > Set-up of the new Jaguar Land Rover 3S facility by Q1-2015 (2,200 sqm unit)
    > In charge of the implementation of the Jaguar Land Rover Corporate Identity in Laos (showroom and marketing)
    > Retail and Fleet sales business development
    > Overseing the entire Company operations
    > Preparing budget/forecast based on market conditions and product analysis
    > Hiring, coaching and training the Sales team
    > Establishing Marketing strategies and budgets to meet organizational objectives
    > Preparing and implementing Retail Sales and Marketing programs (quarterly)
    > Developping and implementing Marketing campaigns and plans for new and existing products
    > Vehicle supply : ordering, inventory and ageing stock management
    > Products launches : Range Rover Evoque (2012), the All-New Range Rover (April 2013) and Range Rover Sport (Dec. 2013)
    > Profit & Loss responsibilities
    > Monthly Reporting to Excom
    > Events organization and communication
    > Sales and Stock reporting to Guava/Land Rover
    > Pricing strategy & competition/market analysis
    > Website and Facebook updates

    Achievements :
    > Set-up of a new Sales and Marketing team
    > New vehicles sales volume multiplied by six in 3 years (2010 : 17 units - 2013 : 105 units)
    > First Jaguar sales after one month of operations
    > Sales, inventory and budget controlling procedures in place
    > 2013 results - 30% over the targets (EBIT and Net Profit)
    > Successful product launches
    > 2013 : Achievement of all the quarterly Jaguar Land Rover targets (VDM)
    > Jaguar Land Rover Level 2 E-learning (Excellence) product training
    > 2013 Dealer of the Year award "Most improved dealer of the year"
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    November 2011
    February 2010

    Group Marketing Manager

    RMA Lao Group

    Brands :
    - Automotive : Ford, Land-Rover (Guava International)
    - Heavy Equipment : JCB, Shantui
    - Power Generators : Kohler/SDMO
    - Tractors : John Deere
    - Food : The Pizza Company, Swensen’s

    Reporting to the Country Manager of the RMA Lao Group
    Number of subordinates: Marketing (10)

    Duties :
    > Establish marketing strategies and budgets to meet organizational objectives
    > Preparing and implementing Retail Sales and Marketing programs (quarterly)
    > Develop and implement marketing plans and projects for new and existing products
    > Products launching (Ford, Land Rover and The Pizza Company)
    > Supervise, monitor, review and report on all marketing activities and results
    > Profit & Loss responsibilities
    > Events organization and communication
    > Monitor the team ability to control cost, delay and quality
    > Negotiations of annual Fixed & Variable Marketing allocations with our suppliers
    > Develop pricing strategy, competition and media channels analysis
    > Punctually acquire and develop new customers-Fleet sales Development : Ford and Land Rover

    Achievements :
    > Set-up of the new marketing team
    > Budget management : 500,000 USD of marketing budget in 2011
    > Sales achievements : 2011 – Secured a fleet of 63 vehicles with a major mining operator (Ford and Land Rover units : contract value : 1.9 Mio USD)
    > Implementation of new organizational procedures in term of reporting and follow-up
    > Product launches: Range Rover “Evoque” and Ford Fiesta 2011
    > Winner of the Ford Export & Growth “Best Sales and Marketing plan 2010” contest in SEA
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    February 2010
    July 2008

    General Manager

    Lao Ford City - RMA Lao Group

    Ford Motor sole dealership in Lao PDR : Sales and Service (40 persons)
    Reporting to the Country Manager of the RM Asia Laos Group
    Number of subordinates by Departments : Sales (20), Marketing (3) and Service (15)

    Duties :
    > Management of the dealership in respect with the budget (500 cars in 2009)
    > Develop new customers and existing key accounts
    > Establish performance goals for all sales and marketing Department employees
    > Dealing with the regional Management of Ford Motor in Thailand
    > Improve the Service Department in term of quality of service and profitability (CRM)
    > Lead, develop and manage the workforce in various aspects of the business
    > Sales forecasting and Profit & Loss management

    Achievements :
    > 6 International tenders won from September to December 2008 :Total of 120 cars
    > Dealer of the month in January 2009 (the best sales over a number of 11 Ford dealers)
    > Year to year increase of the revenue (+40%) and Gross Profit (+15%)
    > Increase of the retail sales by 40% from 2008 to 2009
    > Successful launching of two new models (Ford Focus and Ranger TDCI)
    > Initiated monthly motor shows and promotional programs to improve the brand awareness
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    July 2007
    July 2006

    Country Manager

    Vithacom Co. Ltd

    Medical and Laboratory equipments distributor : Sales and Service (12 persons)
    Represented brands : Philips Imaging, Labtec, Milestone, Kyoto, Sircal, Draeger Safety, Guava, Thermo
    Reporting to the main shareholder in Vietnam
    Number of subordinates by Departments : Sales (1) and Service (1)

    Duties :
    > Sourcing and establishing business partnerships with suppliers to represent in Vietnam
    > Profit margin monitoring, preparation and implementation of « business plans »
    > Preparation of the yearly budgets and monthly reporting
    > Logistics and stock management
    > Managing the cash flow and organize the flow between the two offices in Thailand and Vietnam
    > Identifying and participating to all the national and international tenders in Vietnam
    > Purchasing, shipping and price negotiations with all the suppliers
    > Set-up and management of the accounting (Peachtree US accounts)

    Achievements :
    > 2006-2007 turnover : from 200K USD to 1 Mio USD
    > Hanoi Military Hospital (MH108) tender won in 2007 for an amount of 700K USD
    > Representation of 5 new suppliers in 2008
  • Today
    May 2006
    January 2004

    Country Manager Vietnam (Hanoi)

    Europ Continents

    Distributor of Medical, Laboratory and education equipments : Sales and Service (35 persons)
    Brands : Philips Imaging, Draeger Medical, Accuray, Karl Storz, Storz Medical
    Reporting to the General Manager based to the Singapore Regional HQ
    Number of subordinates by Departments : Sales (19), Accounting (5) and Service (8)

    Duties :
    > Daily management of the Representative Office in respect with the budget
    > Preparation of the yearly budget and monthly reporting to the Management
    > Business development to hospitals and clinics (Northern part of Vietnam only)
    > Project Management and participation to international Tenders
    > Management of the After-sales Service Company (15 people)
    > Organization of seminars and training sessions in cooperation with our suppliers
    > Represent the company with various external organizations

    Achievements :
    > Revenues : 2004 (7 Mio USD), 2005 (12 Mio USD) and 2006 (till May 5.5 Mio USD)
    > Winning of two big tenders in 2005 / Total revenue 5,000 KUSD (Military Hospital)
    > 1st Cancer treatment machine sold in Vietnam in 2005 (Brand: Accuray, value 4.5 Mio USD)
    > Increased the number of Sales executives from 10 (2004) to 19 (2006)
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    November 2003
    May 2001

    General Manager

    ATS Comin Asia

    Electrical and Air-conditioning equipments distributor and wholesale: Sales (10 persons)
    Represented brands : Hager, Pirelli cables, Johnson Controls, Double Deere
    Reporting to the Chairman of the Comin Asia Group
    Number of subordinates by Departments : None

    Duties :
    > Creation and opening of the new activity in Cambodia
    > Promoting our range of products to the local retail shops and contractors
    > Developing the sub-dealer distributorship network into the main provinces
    > Sourcing, purchasing and shipping negotiations (China, USA and Singapore)
    > Logistics and inventory management
    > Identify new potential areas and competitors weaknesses for sales developments
    > Initiate specific promotion campaigns to optimize areas of development
    > Motivating, training and follow-up the existing staff (4 Sales Executives)

    Achievements :
    > 900K USD sales in 2003 and acquisition of 50 new Customers in 2003
    > 2003 : 15% of market-shares in the air-conditioning units activity in Cambodia
  • Today
    April 2001
    March 1998

    Asia-Pacific Export Manager

    Catu S.A

    Manufacturer of Electrical safety equipments (PPE) : 1,000 people
    Reporting to the Export Manager
    Number of subordinates by Departments : 1 assistant

    Duties :
    > Prospection and Sales to the State and Private-owned Power Utilities through distributors
    > Management and appointment of distributors (Total : 13 over the sales area)
    > Competition analysis (market-shares, weaknesses, prices)
    > Exhibitions (3 to 4 per year), seminars and on-site trainings with the end-users

    Achievements :
    > Major markets in 2001 : Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Cambodia, Laos and Mainland China
    > Turnover in 2001 : 6 Mio FRF (+20% compared to 2000)
    > Vietnam : 1st market in term of sales and profitability
    > Year 2000 : two ADB Tenders (Malaysia and Vietnam) won
    > Sales diversification with applications to the Railways and Mass Transit networks
    > 2001 : 1st equipments sold to the Hong-Kong MRT
  • Today


    SDV TTA Polynesie Groupe Bollore (Tahiti-Polynesie francaise)

    Duties :
    • Management of the Subsidiary in accordance with the Head office strategy
    • Preparation of the yearly budget and monthly reporting to the Management
    • Initiation of specific sales campaigns on two major trade lanes : USA and France
    • Operations, training, supervising and hiring staff

    Achievements :
    • 10% new Customers in 1997, Sales : 23 Mio FRF
    • 10% Gross profit margin increase from 1996 to 1997
    • Launch of a weekly container service (LCL) and air-consolidation from USA to Tahiti
    • Major key accounts : VAG Automobiles, Ford Automobiles, Alcatel Cables
  • Today


    GSI Cargo Systems (Roissy CDG-France)

    Duties :
    • Business development with new accounts importing goods from the USA
    • Specifically in charge of promoting the consolidation sea freight service

    Achievements :
    • 30 new accounts developed over the period (mostly French importers)
    • 1995 generated revenue : 3 Mio FRF with a Gross profit of 20%

His skills

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Executive management
  • Export
  • Gestion de projet
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Reporting skills
  • Sage Peachtree
  • Emerging Markets
  • Dispositifs médicaux
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Budget preparation
  • Business development
  • Business Units Management
  • Car Retail
  • Cash Flows
  • Communication
  • Competitor analysis
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer Management
  • Vente

His languages

  • English
  • French
  • Lao
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

    His hobbies

    - > Sailing bicycle and fitness - > Travels Asian arts and history - > French and Asian cooking &#61550 Member of the French-Thai Chamber of Commerce and French-Lao Chamber of Commerce

    His keywords

    South East AsiaBusiness DevelopmentThailandVietnamLaosCambodiaHealthcaresourcingManagermentChinaFranceLaosFordLand Rover

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    Recent contacts
    TabnCap Healthcare
    Narcissi Martin
    Rose  BÙI
    • Etudiante, Université Paris Diderot
    Sandrine Carriere

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